June 8-10, 2018

Fort Worth Convention Center Arena
Win a VIP all access trip to party
 with Fortnite at E3

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For the first time ever, OpTic Gaming
presents The OpTic Arena!

A-Kon 2018 attendees, get ready for a weekend-long spectacle of gaming’s hottest talents across a wide range of the most popular titles — and, most importantly, get your chance to best them in your favorite games. Between The OpTic Arena Battle Royale and a slice of the prize pool to win in our fighting game tournaments, your stay in Fort Worth is going to be a busy one.

OpTic Arena Battle Royale

Attendees will get a chance to throw down against some of OpTic Gaming’s biggest content creators and players in the OpTic Arena Battle Royale. Scheduled programs will cater to both casual and hardcore players, as well as feature high-voltage matches between some of the best FPS players and influencers in the world.

Golden Ticket Games

OpTic Arena Battle Royale attendees will have the opportunity to win a trip of a lifetime as an invited VIP to E3, experiencing the Fortnite Party Royale Celebrity Pro-Am live, and earning an E3 badge to check out the Epic Games booth.

All you have to do is take everybody else out Battle Royale style: to earn a Golden Ticket to E3, you have to first earn a Top 5 finish during Saturday and Sunday’s regular games, and then finish the other top-rankers off in the Golden Ticket Games at the end of the day on both Saturday and Sunday. Be like a ninja; show some courage — and secure an all-expense paid trip to the LA Convention Center!

Want to be an exhibitor at OpTic Arena?
Send inquiries to info@triggerfish.gg

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Fighting Games

  • Street Fighter V // $5,000 Pot Bonus
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ // $5,000 Pot Bonus
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee // $5,000 Pot Bonus

Meet and Greets

Meet your favorite OpTic Gaming influencers for signing sessions

Feature Stage Interactions

Watch some of your favorite content creators and personalities live stream their favorite games

Any more questions? Email at info@ngage.gg

Hotels For Hope

A-Kon has partnered with Hotels for Hope to provide special offers for your stay while also fueling nonprofit programs to the benefit of children all over the world. Reserve your room before it’s too late!


Enjoy the 25,000+ square feet open Arena space with over 12,000 seating capacity, located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth and near the city’s numerous dining and nightlife attractions.

Fort Worth Convention Center

1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102